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The Contact Management and Org Chart App for Sales Professionals


The Contact Management and Org Chart App for Sales Professionals


A Contact Management app like no other.

You Manage, Structure and Profile your Contacts, creates your Org Charts automatically.

Beautiful, Simple and Magical.

Contacts Managed. Org Charts done.

Click on the image above to view the overview video.
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Manage - Structure - Profile

Manage - Structure - Profile


Manage your contacts automatically arranges your contacts into Company groups.

Create groups for Projects and Matrix teams, Inner Circle and Political Influence maps, friends and family, soccer club, whatever you want.

Merge multiple companies into one or bulk-edit the company name.


Structure your contacts



Simply swipe to add Organisational hierarchy to your contacts

Swipe left to view the beautiful Org Charts that have been automatically created

Swipe up/down to see the company hierarchy

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Profile your contacts



Profile your contacts right in

Supporter or Enemy? Innovator or Pragmatist? 

Automatically add Profiles to Org Charts for immediate coverage visibility.


We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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Why is better?

Why is better?

The Old Way

It takes you hours! Drawing boxes, typing names in, connecting boxes together with lines, spacing and aligning......

You give your Account Plan presentation and never look at it again

You update it once a year, if that

You can't find the notes you took when you met with your customer and he explained his team structure

You never profile your customer as it is simply too difficult

The Way

You don't create the Org Chart, does it for you. Automatically

You connect contacts to their manager from within That's it

You have immediate visibility of who reports to who - all via a swipe on the iPhone screen

Update the information on the fly - your Org Charts are always up to date

Profile your contacts with a simple tap and get visibility across your customer instantly

London4 - 1500.jpg in Action in Action

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View all of your Contact's 'Direct' and 'Dotted Line' reports from the Main Contact view.

Swipe Up on a Report to see their details and their Reports.

Swipe Down on the Contact to see their Manager.

Swipe Left to see their Org Chart.




Swipe to Assign Reports

Swipe contacts onto their Manager to define the Organisational hierarchy. supports Direct Reports, Dotted-Line Reports, Executive Sponsors and Executive/Personal Assistants.

Reporting structure is easy to change on the fly so that the Org Chart can be easily kept up to date.





Org Charts of each Contact are automatically created by 

No need to draw boxes and type everyones name in them anymore!

Different layouts available by swiping up/down.

Easy export of the Org Chart to Powerpoint, etc. for Account Plans and presentations.