submitted to Apple for approval has taken two huge steps forward today. We have submitted the app to Apple for their approval and simultaneously started our Beta Test program.

Approval from Apple can take around two weeks to come through and so we have started this process now as a way of checking that everything is OK with the technical implementation of the app, we've adhered to Apple's rules, etc. At the same time we have started the Beta program where our lovely volunteers get to test and provide feedback on any bugs they find, what they like/don't like, etc. with a view to incorporating these changes into the next version of the app that we submit to Apple for what will, hopefully, be the final release version.

Launch Plan

With development now mostly complete, thoughts at turn to Marketing. Arguably, this is the hard bit! With over 1,500 apps launched on the App Store every single day, the challenge is going to be how we get noticed by our target audience of Sales Professionals. Build it and they will come isn't really going to be a viable strategy here!

So, while we are hoping for approval from Apple in the next few weeks we have decided to go with a 'soft-launch' initially - put it quietly on the App Store and only tell you, our lovely followers, about it. We will then follow-up with the full PR bandwagon in January when everyone is back from holiday. This will give us a bit of time to work out exactly what a 'PR bandwagon' is and how we get one! :-)

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