- The Contact Management and Org Chart App for Sales Professionals.

  • A Contact Management app like no other.
  • You manage your contacts - manages your Org Charts.
  • Beautiful, Simple and Magical.
  • Contacts Managed. Org Charts done.

Sales - Back to Basics

As sales professionals we know the importance of understanding our customer. Who are the key decision makers, the influencers, who reports to who and who you should spend time with. But when it comes to writing it down we are stuck with the Org Chart - and even worse, we are stuck with using Powerpoint for the Org Chart. Drawing boxes, writing in everyone’s names, connecting them all together, aligning, re-arranging, aligning again - it is, quite frankly, rubbish. And then, once the Org Chart finished we never look at it again - it goes out of date very quickly.

Technology has moved on, and it’s about time that Org Charts caught up…….Welcome to…..

With you don’t create an Org Chart - does it for you, automatically. You simply organise your contacts into the company hierarchy and the Org Chart is created. Even better, you can swipe up and down on a contact to instantly see who a contact reports to, and who reports to them. Your Org Chart is always with you and always up to date.


  • It takes you hours! Drawing boxes, typing names in, drawing connecting lines, spacing and aligning......
  • You give your Account Plan presentation and never look at it again.
  • You update it once a year, if that.
  • You take notes about your customer's new team structure, but never translate that into an Org Chart


  • You don't create the Org Chart, does it for you. Automatically.
  • You connect contacts to their manager from within That's it.
  • You have immediate visibility of who reports to who - all via a swipe on your iPhone.
  • Update the information on the fly - your Org Charts are always up to date.


  • View all of your Contact's 'Direct' and 'Dotted Line' reports from the Main Contact view.
  • Swipe Up on a Report to see their details and their Reports.
  • Swipe Down on the Contact to see their Manager.
  • Swipe Left to see their Org Chart.
  • Swipe contacts onto their Manager to define the team structure.
  • supports Direct Reports, Dotted-Line Reports, Executive Sponsors and Executive/Personal Assistants.
  • Org Charts of each Contact are automatically created by 
  • No need to draw boxes and type everyones name in them anymore!
  • Different layouts available by swiping up/down.
  • Easy export of the Org Chart to Powerpoint, etc. for Account Plans and presentations.


  • Imports your existing contacts from your iPhone and organises them automatically into Company groups to make searching easier
  • View contacts by company, All contacts or contacts with no company specified
  • Add unallocated contacts to an existing or new company
  • Add the company logo to each group to create a more visual experience
  • Add a photo to a contact to create a more visual experience
  • Rename a company and have all contacts within it automatically updated to reflect the change
  • Easily merge companies and tidy up your contact list e.g merge all contacts from companies like: SLiCK Concepts, & SLiCK to a single name
  • Create a new company and add contacts directly to it
  • Add regularly used contacts to a ‘Favourites’ section for quick access
  • Call, text, email or FaceTime directly from the contacts list or Main Contact screen
  • Edit contacts and any changes are synced with Apple Contacts app and iCloud (if enabled)
  • Add reports to any contact
  • Identify a report as either a Direct Reports, a Dotted Line Report, a Personal/Executive Assistant or an Executive Sponsor
  • Create a new user ‘To Be Hired’ (TBH) and assign them immediately to a company or Org Chart
  • Specify how many levels of reports you want to see - one or two levels
  • Export Org Chart via email as an image or PDF for inclusion in your Account Plan/Presentation, etc.