Latest updates from the camp!

We have released two new updates for in the last month. These updates have delivered some cosmetic changes to the design, but also some fantastic new features that will make creating Org Charts even easier. The best bit? We have some more awesome new features in the pipeline too!

Here's a list of what you'll find in the latest versions:

  • Org Chart design changes (more details below).
  • An awesome new 'Quick-Scroll' bar has been added to all screens so you can now whizz through and find the contact you are looking for.
  • You can now merge multiple companies at the same time instead of having to do them one by one.
  • Added the ability to remove a contact from a company from within the 'Add Contacts' screen.
  • Text changed to Apple's new 'San Francisco' font so we are now super-trendy ;-)
  • Icon design updated to look more IOS10-like.

Org charts just got better....

In the latest version, we've made the automatically created Org Charts even better. New designs, new layouts and new ways to export them mean that spending hours messing around creating them is a thing of the past!

Revised Org Chart layout and design

Revised Org Chart layout and design

  • New designs - image+box, box only or image only.
  • Scroll up/down on the Org Chart to see alternative designs.
  • Personal Assistants and Executive Sponsors now displayed in the correct position on the chart.
  • The dynamic layout is now more suited to displaying large Org Charts.
  • Ability to display just the top level, two levels, or all levels of an Org Chart.
  • We have added the ability to export the Org Chart as a PDF.

Two killer features incoming!

We are now working on two more really exciting features that will make even more useful when creating these relationship maps the help you understand your customer's structure.

Support for Matrix/Project teams

This is a feature that many of you have requested - and so here it is!!

A new feature called 'Groups' will allow you to create Matrix/Project Teams, or other cross-company groups like 'Friends', 'Family', 'Golf Club', etc. You can also use Groups to create a 'Political' or 'Inner-Circle' relationship maps for your customer.

  • Contacts can be members of many different groups
  • Groups can have members from different companies
  • Each Group has a separate reporting structure and Org Chart

Want to create a 'Project Team' that involves both your company and your customer's? No problem!  

Want to create an Org Chart for a Holding Company with reports in each division? Easy! 

Have golfing friends that work for a number of different organisations but would like to have them all in the same group? Simple!

Fingers crossed, the Groups feature will be released before Christmas.

Sales Profiling

The second major new feature coming for (probably before the end of January) is called Sales Profiling.  If you've even been on any 'Strategic Sales' training courses you will know that it is important to understand if your customer is a Supporter or a Non-Supporter, an Innovator or a Laggard, etc. The Sales Profiling feature will allow you to do just that, with the colour coding appearing on the main contact screen and on the Org Chart. More details to come!