Org.y for iPhone®, re­imagining Org Charts for Sales Professionals

Oxford, UK — April 11th 2016 — SLiCK Concepts Ltd has released or iPhone®. is a Contact Management and Org Chart app that automatically creates the Org Chart for you, so you no longer have to spend hours doing it yourself.


Made for Sales Professionals by a Sales Professional.  

Frustrated by the current solutions for creating Org Charts required for insertion in Account Plans, etc. Steve Brigden, founder of SLiCK Concepts, inventor of and a sales professional with more than thirty years experience, set out to make an app that simplified this process.

Why is better.

Simplicity. re-­imagines creating Org Charts by using the contact details we carry around with us in our phones and leveraging the touch and gesture controls provided by Apple devices, to make managing your contacts and creating Org Charts a real pleasure. Other Org Chart apps simply try to re­create the Powerpoint experience on a mobile device, creating a poor mobile experience to rival the poor desktop experience. 

Org. Features

  • You don't create the Org Chart, does it for you. Automatically.
  • You swipe to connect contacts to their manager from within That's it.
  • You have immediate visibility of who reports to whom, all via a swipe on the iPhone® screen.
  • Update the information on the fly -­ your Org Charts are always up to date.
  • Easy export of the Org Chart for inclusion in Account Plans, etc.


“Traditional methods for creating Org Charts are really painful. Drawing boxes, joining them together with lines, typing in names, aligning, re­-arranging, aligning again. It is rubbish. Technology has moved on and it’s about time that Org Charts caught up”. Steve Brigden.

Pricing and Availability is available globally on the App Store for just $3.99 US / £2.99 UK and requires iOS 8.0 or newer.


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SLiCK Concepts Ltd was formed in May 2015 by Steve Brigden specifically to bring market. They are based in Oxford, United Kingdom.


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